Should I Cut an Addict out of My Life?

Should I Cut an Addict out of My Life?The trickiest decision that an addict’s loved ones have to make is when to walk away. San Jose drug addicts may begin their habits because of stress or pain that they feel they cannot share, so avoiding an addict may seem like abandonment. But when does an addict need support and when does he need tough love?
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Noticing the Warning Signs of Addiction

Noticing the Warning Signs of AddictionDrug abuse happens for many reasons, and once a tolerance to the drug develops, addiction is not far behind. A family history of drug addiction, a personal history of drug addiction, peer pressure to try drugs and dealing with chronic pain are all ways drug addiction can begin. People who are addicted to drugs exhibit certain behaviors that let friends and loved ones in San Jose know there is a problem. Knowing what to look for in a person who struggles with addictive behaviors or who is using prescription pain killers to treat a pain condition can help you get your friend or loved one into the right drug treatment program.
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How Family Can Influence Drug or Alcohol Use

How Family Can Influence Drug or Alcohol UseDrug and alcohol use is affected by social factors in San Jose, and one of the most important social factors—perhaps not surprisingly—is the family environment. Several questions must be raised when considering how the home environment affects drug use, and how conversely, drug use affects the home environment.
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Do Genetics Impact Addiction Recovery?

Do Genetics Impact Addiction Recovery?A San Jose resident’s genes may make him more likely to become addicted to a particular drug than others who lack that gene. Some specific examples of this occurrence include the following:

  • Alcohol and cocaine addiction are more common in individuals possessing the A1 allele of receptor DRD2.
  • Those with less of the gene Mpdz are more likely to have severe withdrawals from the use of barbiturates.
  • The gene Cnr1 can give one a greater feeling of pleasure from morphine use.
  • A relatively small amount of CYP2A6 genes may make smoking more pleasant.
  • Having two copies of the ALDH*2 gene can decrease an individual’s likelihood of becoming an alcoholic.

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Am I Experiencing Drug Cravings?

Am I Experiencing Drug Cravings?Drug addiction is the condition makes people feel like they need a drug to function. Without drugs in her system the user begins to feel an intense, irresistible desire to use that can lead to painful withdrawal symptoms. These urges or desires to use are called cravings and they drive drug addiction strongly. Without San Jose drug addicts would have no problem quitting their harmful habits. Yet there is a difference between experiencing true cravings and simply wanting to use recreationally.
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Do Successful-Seeming People Need Addiction Help?

Do Successful-Seeming People Need Addiction Help?All addictions do not manifest or act in the same way. As unique as each addict is, so too is the addiction. While some San Jose drug addicts cannot hide their problem, other addicts can maintain the appearance of success. Just because someone succeeds at a job and fulfills her familial responsibilities does not mean that she is free from addiction. Unfortunately, functional addicts may not treat the addiction no one confronts them about drug abuse. Appearances can be deceiving, but a functional addict still harms herself and those that she is close to. The answer is yes—someone who seems successful can nevertheless struggle with addiction.
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What Is a Gateway Drug?

What Is a Gateway Drug?It’s easy to become addicted, and addiction can evolve into new or worse problems. You may have a prescription for a painkiller or antianxiety drug. Once your prescription is done, you cannot get a refill. You feel like you cannot live life to its fullest without this drug, so you try a new, different or stronger substance that promises similar or better results. Your original prescription, your alcohol consumption or your marijuana use may seem harmless, but incautious use of these substances opens the door for dependence and addiction.
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What Enabling an Addict Looks Like

What Enabling an Addict Looks LikeWhen people help their loved ones continue a drug addiction, that behavior is called enabling. Enabling happens when someone means well and protects a drug addict, but this keeps people continuously addicted. Recognizing how your enabling behaviors contribute to a San Jose resident’s addiction may be the first step in truly helping your loved one.
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Talk to Your Kids about a Family History of Addiction

Talk to Your Kids about a Family History of AddictionChildren in San Jose who have a family history of substance abuse may also have an increased vulnerability to addiction. There are many factors that can influence one’s risk of developing an addiction, such as stress, drug or alcohol availability, social environment, emotional health and genetic predisposition. Addiction can affect a subconscious area of the brain that is does not fall under conscious control, which may make it difficult for addicts to choose to stop using drugs or alcohol on their own. Explaining the truth about addiction to your children can help provide them with the tools to choose to not take drugs or use alcohol before they develop an addiction.
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How to Respond to Your Loved One’s Drug Use

How to Respond to Your Loved One's Drug UseWatching a San Jose loved one suffer from addiction can be both painful and frustrating. This person is someone for who you care deeply, but you may not know how to help as you learn to combat addiction. You can take any of the following actions to respond to a loved one’s drug use:

  • Learn about addiction, especially the specific drug your San Jose loved one is taking. Find out what the drug does to her, how it affects the body and mind and the behaviors that follow use. This can help you differentiate when she is under the influence or sober, which in turn alleviate some stress.
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