Addressing Addiction and Depression in Treatment

Addressing Addiction and Depression in TreatmentDepression and addiction are common co-occurring disorders. One of these issues can worsen or even cause the other, and San Jose residents need to address both to find lasting wellness.

The Relationship between Addiction and Depression

An addicted individual will experience lows and depressive symptoms between drug fixes. Depression is a common withdrawal symptom as well, and users may come to believe that they can only feel happy while using a drug. If a San Jose resident is depressed before beginning drug use, he or she may find that drugs provide instant, if temporary, relief of or numbness from symptoms. As addiction worsens, depression worsens. Depression intensifies cravings for the drug, while the drug continues to worsen depression. This cycle leads to increased drug use and the potential for accidental or intentional overdose.

Treatment for Co-Occurring Addiction and Depression

Recovery facilities specializing in Dual Diagnosis will assess the severity of all co-occurring issues in a patient’s life in San Jose and come up with the best approach to treat all concerns simultaneously. Receiving treatment for depression and addiction at the same time and in the same place means medical professionals will consult with one another and be aware of the co-occurring concern, and the treatment procedure for one issue will not interfere with the treatment of the other. Residential facilities have the advantage of on-site staff who confer regularly to measure progress in all areas of the patient’s life. Because individuals with co-occurring depression and addiction find it harder to cooperate with all aspects of treatment than do patients with just one disorder, specialized therapy will be needed to provide motivation and to work with the patient’s willingness to recover. Not all recovery centers are equipped to handle Dual Diagnosis patients, so doing the research to find one that is so equipped is essential.

Addiction and Depression Treatment for San Jose Residents

If you are looking for a recovery program that addresses both addiction and depression, please call our toll-free helpline today. We can talk with you about qualified programs ready to handle your specific situation. We are here 24 hours a day, so let us help you regain your life in San Jose.

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