Attention-Seeking Behaviors and Addiction

Attention-Seeking Behaviors and AddictionAttention-seeking behaviors are excessive and inappropriate behaviors practiced by people who want to gain attention. A person with attention-seeking behaviors will fabricate grandiose stories in order to shift the focus onto him or her in San Jose. Some attention-seeking behaviors could include the following:

  • Hyperbolizing personal achievements and skills
  • Creating unnecessary drama in relationships
  • Manipulating friends and spreading lies in order to create problems between friends
  • Intentionally wearing inappropriate clothing
  • Claiming to be a victim of abuse
  • Confessing to crimes not committed
  • Claiming to have numerous health problems that do not exist
  • Abusing personal authority to show importance

A person with severe attention-seeking behavior disorders will take advantage of an available situation to focus it on him or her in San Jose even if the attention is negative. There can be numerous reasons why a person would engage in this type of behavior:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Loneliness
  • Low self-worth based on feed back from others
  • Narcissistic personality disorder
  • Jealousy
  • Continued, unaddressed childhood behavior

These reasons behind attention-seeking behaviors are often severe. A person engaging in attention-seeking behaviors in San Jose may not be able to manage his or her behavior and needs professional treatment.

How Attention-Seeking Behavior Relates to Addiction and Recovery

Substance abuse and addiction is common among people in San Jose with attention-seeking behaviors. Some of the ways that attention-seeking behavior can co-exist with drug or alcohol addiction include the following:

  • Drugs and alcohol may be used as coping mechanisms in order to avoid unmanageable and undesirable feelings from attention-seeking behavior
  • People with attention-seeking behaviors may often fabricate severe illnesses or disorders as a means to obtain drugs
  • An attention seeker is addicted to attention and may be at greater risk of developing a drug or alcohol addiction due to having an addictive personality
  • Drug or alcohol addiction can often be an intentional method of severe attention-seeking behavior

It can be difficult to recover from addiction without treating attention-seeking behavior. Seeking help from a licensed therapist who specializes in behavioral therapy and drug or alcohol addiction can provide better recovery results in San Jose. A behavioral therapist will work on identifying the negative behaviors that may be contributing to the addiction and offer the necessary treatment to modify them. An addict can learn certain techniques from behavioral therapy to overcome his or her attention-seeking behavior.

Need Help Finding Treatment for Attention-Seeking Behavior and Addiction?

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