Avoiding Frustration during Addiction Recovery

Avoiding Frustration during Addiction RecoveryIf you have never gone through recovery before, you may not know what to expect. Some of your friends or peers may have gone through a treatment program and told you about their experiences, but the road to recovery is different for each person in San Jose. Talking to people about their recovery journey will provide insight into recovery, but voicing concerns, challenges and roadblocks with professionals will help you avoid frustration.

Addiction Recovery for San Jose Residents

There is much information available about addiction recovery, rehab and life during and after treatment. Talk with peers in recovery, visit treatment facility websites, get brochures from quality rehab programs and talk with professional counselors through recovery helplines. Therapists, interventionists and doctors can also be sources of information as can support groups and online recovery forums. The more you know about the recovery process and the challenges you face, the more prepared you will be to face them head on and avoid frustration.

Create a Recovery Plan

Your treatment program will help you create a recovery plan. Once rehab is complete, you will need structure, motivation and support for your return to regular life in San Jose. Depending on your personal needs your recovery plan can be as basic as a bulleted list of things to motivate you during your recovery or it can be as detailed and structured as a daily calendar. Some aspects of your addiction recovery plan may include the following:

  • A list of things to avoid such as former drug contacts or places where you used
  • A list of strategies for dealing with negative influences and temptations should they arise
  • A list of people you can contact when facing challenges, triggers or cravings
  • A list of new people, places and things that you want to explore now that your life is free from a focus on drugs
  • A list of things to do to stay busy such as exploring local events and taking classes
  • Setting time each day to attend and participate in support group meetings
  • Adhering to a daily routine of exercise, healthy eating and sufficient sleep
  • Getting involved in supportive therapies and stress-relieving activities
  • Maintaining a relationship with a sponsor

Reward yourself for your efforts, and don’t give up when difficult times arrive. Recovering from drug addiction is a process that requires your daily commitment.

Get Help to Avoid Frustration during Addiction Recovery

Recovery is long process, and you may not recognize how much progress you are making on a daily basis. Now is the time to maintain hope, keep a positive attitude and rely on the support of others to help you during times when you may feel frustrated. If you feel challenged in your recovery, overwhelmed as to how to end addiction or simply have questions or need support, call our toll-free number. We are here for you 24 hours a day, and no concern is too big or too small.

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