Do I Need to Hire a Sober Escort?

Do I Need to Hire a Sober Escort?One of the toughest times for a recovering addict is the first week or month after residential treatment ends. A challenging transition back home can increase the risk of relapse. A sober escort can help. This person is trained and experienced in providing recovery help, and many sober escorts are advanced recovering addicts themselves. The title can also vary – sober buddy, sober sidekick, sober companion, etc. – but the role is to do everything possible to help San Jose patients integrate their previous lives with a new sober lifestyle.

The Role of a Sober Escort in a San Jose Residents Life

Recovering addicts in San Jose can hire a sober escort to accompany them continuously, for certain activities or to remain on-call for emergencies. Parents sometimes hire an escort to take their child home from the rehab center, and families might use an escort to drive a loved one between the home and an outpatient-care facility. Entertainment companies are even known to use an escort to keep an actor or artist sober during production. In all such instances, an escort can provide several services, including the following:

  • Search for hidden drug and alcohol stashes in the client’s belongings
  • Ensure the client does not relapse or toy with relapse triggers
  • Accompany the person to local AA or NA meetings
  • Help build a sober support network in his or her community
  • Provide transportation if the client’s driving privileges are suspended or revoked
  • Suggest and initiate participation in sober activities and hobbies
  • Remind the client of the behavioral tools learned in addiction treatment
  • Assist with struggles and setbacks and provide a rapid response to relapse

A sober escort is, in essence, an all-around role model providing guidance and accountability for San Jose residents in need.

Using a Sober Escort in San Jose

Recovering addicts commonly hire a sober escort for the first 30 days, but many retain an escort for much longer after seeing the benefits. Nevertheless, the use of an escort and the length of stay depend on the client. Variables that affect this decision can include the following:

  • Does the client have a strong and supportive family at home?
  • How confident does the client feel in his recovery?
  • Is there apprehension about seeing old friends or family members?
  • Were there co-occurring issues like depression, anxiety, or mania?
  • Is there social anxiety over support meetings and making new sober friends?
  • Are there legal issues that still need to be worked out?

These are the types of issues that weigh in favor of hiring a sober escort, but this type of assistance should be used by any San Jose resident who might need that extra help to transition back into society.

Addiction Treatment for San Jose Residents

A sober escort can help, but addiction treatment comes first. This includes the following:

  • Medically supervised detox with tapered options for certain addictions
  • Identify and treat any co-occurring mental health issues and disorders
  • Utilize behavioral therapies that improve mental and emotional responses
  • Recognize substance-abuse triggers and devise a defense against them
  • Peer group support during and after treatment

If a sober escort can help, the rehab center has the resources to find the right match for any San Jose resident receiving care.

Help with Addiction Recovery in San Jose

Are you a San Jose resident struggling with addiction or recovery? Call our toll-free helpline 24 hours a day, and our counselors can discuss sober escorts, treatment options, and rehab care. We can also check health insurance policies for coverage benefits. Help is waiting, so call today.

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