Do San Jose Residents Have to Give up Fun to Get Sober?

Do San Jose Residents Have to Give up Fun to Get Sober?For recreational drug users, one of the greatest challenges of recovery is accepting the changes sobriety will effect in their relationships and activities. Overcoming a drug addiction is difficult enough, but it can be even more discouraging for San Jose residents to be surrounded by temptation and friends who still need drugs to have a good time. It may be even more discouraging to lose those friends when you choose not to be exposed to drugs. But if your friends are true friends, they will respect your decision to change your lifestyle.

You also may not have learned how to have fun without drugs yet, and boredom may be a serious threat to your self control. Many recovering addicts will say that being drug-free is admittedly less eventful than partying and using, but broadening your interests can help make the adjustment better.

  • Travel – You have begun a new lifestyle; seeing new things only make sense. This will open your eyes to different ways of life and the beauty of unfamiliar things. Even if you cannot afford to travel big, go somewhere within reach and figure out a budget that allows you to see the things you want to see. 
  • Pursue your passions – Take classes, play a team sport, go to food festivals, get in shape. Investing yourself in activities that you care about will make you less likely to turn back to drugs and remind you that drugs and partying could compromise your ability to pursue what you are passionate about. You are also sure to make new friends by seeking out new opportunities.
  • Try the great outdoors – Nights spent in bars and clubs and mornings spent recovering from impaired decisions may have kept you from spending much time outdoors. Most treatment programs offer outings and outdoor activities such as kayaking or horseback riding. Endorphins are the body’s natural mood enhancers, and they are released through being active.
  • Get involved – Find an organization or cause that means something to you, and actively help out. When others rely on you to stay sober and make good decisions, it gives you a sense of responsibility and purpose.
  • Find low key fun – If you find it difficult to be social without pursuing unhealthy interests, or if you don’t currently have the energy to be proactive, look for activities that let you be a spectator. Attend a movie, play, concert, museum showing, or sporting event.

While drugs may seem to make life more exciting to some recovering San Jose residents, addiction ultimately deteriorates your physical and psychological health as well as your relationships. Some drugs even destroy dopamine receptors permanently, making abusers unable to experience pleasure or find joy in life. An important step in recovery is realizing that abusing drugs is an unnatural and unhealthy way to have fun, and that there are many other activities that are more worthy of your passion and time.

Treatment for San Jose Residents with Drug Addiction

Don’t let the fear of getting sober stop any San Jose residents from seeking necessary help. If you are a San Jose resident addicted to drugs, there is a more rewarding way of life. Call our toll-free helpline; we are available 24 hours a day to help you explore your options and guide you toward recovery. Call today.

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