How Do I Know If I’m Making Progress in My Addiction Recovery?

How Do I Know If I’m Making Progress in My Addiction Recovery?Many San Jose drug addicts try to recover before they know that recovery is a long, gradual process that requires time and patience. People are tuned to receiving short-term results, but it has been said that nothing worth having comes easy. Yes, addiction recovery takes hard work and dedication, but it is all worth it in the end, no matter how frustrated you may get along the way.

No San Jose residents recovery path will be the same as another’s. Everyone will come across obstacles and some individuals may even not feel like they are making any way at all. Hearing external support can mean nothing if an addict does not see the progress for herself. No one can predict how long it will take to feel progress, but the more active an addict is both recovery, the sooner she may see results.

How San Jose Residents Measure Progress during Addiction Recovery

You heal, learn and practice your skills during rehab, but then it’s time to implement these practices into everyday life routines. Addiction recovery is a life-long process and the truth is that relapse is always a possibility. No one likes to feel like they float through recovery without the confidence that they are progressing. In order to do feel productive, San Jose drug addicts should set both recovery goals. When they meet these goals, they should celebrate. A few indicators of recovery progress include the following signs:

  • The ability to accept responsibility for thoughts, actions and behaviors
  • Understanding the difference between needs and wants
  • Getting away from fantasies and living life realistically
  • The ability to forgive others and one’s self
  • Making rational, healthy decisions in all areas of life
  • Can listen to others, accept advice and be open for improvement
  • Working hard to improve relationships
  • Cutting out relationships with people who use
  • Setting reasonable goals and finding healthy ways to achieve them
  • Having a plan to prevent and deal with relapse
  • Investing yourself in a continued treatment, aftercare or recovery plan
  • Presenting yourself without deception
  • Enjoying who you are or are becoming
  • Finding your sense of self, sense of humor, self-confidence or self-worth

If you exhibit these signs, it may be because you are overcoming addiction.

How San Jose Residents Can Prevent Relapse

Failure in recovery is going to happen, but San Jose drug addicts must see that failure is a learning opportunity. If this can be done, then progress is still possible as they can refine recovery. Knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do. Rehab professionals can help patients work through obstacles and finding the silver lining in relapse.

Begin or Continue Addiction Recovery

San Jose residents do not have to feel alone during any part of addiction recovery. Whether you have already left rehab or have yet to begin, we can help. If you need help, please call our toll-free helpline today. A rehab professional will speak with you about your options for finding recovery assistance. A rehab counselor is available to talk 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So please, pick up the phone and get the help you deserve, today.

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