Inpatient Drug Treatment in San Jose

Inpatient Drug Treatment in San JoseWhen residents from San Jose are choosing an addiction treatment program, it is important to decide whether inpatient or outpatient care is appropriate. Outpatient care is a form of less intensive treatment that will allow you to maintain a somewhat normal lifestyle while receiving treatment for an addiction. It’s a suitable option for you if you are using substances that aren’t physically addictive, like ecstasy or marijuana, or have short-term, less severe addictions.

If you have an addiction that cannot be classified like this, you may benefit from an inpatient treatment program. To make the right treatment decisions, you will need to know what these programs entail and we’ve provided more details below to help you.

Choosing Inpatient Care for People from San Jose

Inpatient care is also referred to as residential care and it requires you to live on the premises full-time during the addiction treatment. There are many positive elements that come with this option:

  • By living on the facility grounds, it takes you away from all of the negative influences, people and temptations that you were struggling with at home.
  • There are few distractions with inpatient treatment, so all you need to worry about is your recovery.
  • You don’t need to worry about the judgment of others  since others in recovery have had similar experiences.
  • You will learn new ways to deal with stress and find happiness without turning to drugs.

In addition to these benefits, you will receive quality medical care while enrolled in an inpatient program.

Medical Care at Inpatient Rehab

Another reason that you should choose inpatient rehab over an outpatient drug treatment program is because there is constant care available. If you were abusing physically addictive substances, such as heroin or alcohol, you may experience withdrawal symptoms when you first stop using. Withdrawal symptoms vary depending on the substance you are addicted to. In some cases, these symptoms can be a threat to your health, which is why you will benefit from having a medical staff on hand at all times.  You will not find 24/7 care available with other non-residential treatment programs.

Finding Inpatient Care for San Jose Addicts

If you are living in San Jose and have formed an addiction, treatment is available. California is home to some of the nation’s best addiction treatment facilities. By going to a qualified and reputable inpatient treatment program, recovery is possible. With high success rates, you will have a chance at turning your life around and overcoming your addiction.

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