Medical Complications and Addiction

Medical Complications and AddictionA San Jose resident with a medical issue who also has an addiction may require special treatment. Knowledge of their propensity towards addiction can alter the drugs that can be prescribed for the medical issue. On the other end of the spectrum, many people who have a medical issue that requires prescription medication, especially if the complication is on-going, can be at a greater risk of developing an addiction. In many instances, addiction and medical issues can be directly related to one another.

How Addiction Causes Medical Complications in San Jose Residents

Addiction to a substance can have a devastating impact on your health. It can be particularly damaging if you are already struggling with a medical or mental health issue. Depending on the length and severity of the addiction and the type of drug being used, an addiction can cause many different medical concerns. Some drugs can cause lasting damage to the heart, lungs, and mind. Many drugs are combinations of substances, including additives such as Tylenol, which can cause liver failure if taken in excess. Often times these drugs have a significant effect on the mind and can cause intoxication. While in an intoxicated state a San Jose resident can make poor decisions and place himself in dangerous situations. If someone is in a car crash or other accident as a result of the drug’s influence there can be lasting injuries and other medical and legal complications. Once a person has been identified as an addict, it can present challenges to treatment of future medical problems. Doctors will likely be reluctant to prescribe any medication that has addictive properties or may place extra precautions on that prescription.

How Medical Complications Cause Addiction in San Jose Residents

It is common for a person to become addicted to a drug as a result of medical issue or legitimate prescription. San Jose residents who are struggling with an on-going medical problem may look for a way to self-medicate the issue by turning to a substance illicitly, consequently, developing an addiction to that substance.

Many people become addicted accidentally to a drug that was legally prescribed to them. Often, the problem begins with a misconception that because the drug is legal it is without risk. However, many prescription painkillers, sleep-aids, and anti-anxiety medications are highly addictive and pose a great threat of addiction themselves. Sometimes these drugs can cause physical dependency after just a few days. A person may experiment with taking more of a drug than was prescribed or continuing to take a drug for longer than was prescribed. They then may find that painful withdrawal symptoms arise if the drug is stopped. The person may come to depend on the drug and continue using it regardless of the consequences. These sorts of scenarios are indicative of an addiction that may require professional help. It is important that you don’t try to attempt to overcome addiction alone, especially if you have a co-occurring medical or mental health issue. Comprehensive rehab treatment that is tailored to your specific needs is needed to achieve a lasting recovery from addiction.

Do You Need Help With Co-Occurring Disorders?

Have you become addicted to a drug as a result of a doctor’s prescription? Has an addiction led to medical problems for you or someone you love? Please let our counselors get you the help you need. We are here 24 hours a day and the number is toll-free, so call us today.

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