Outpatient Drug Treatment in San Jose

Outpatient Drug Treatment in San JoseChoosing the right treatment option for addiction recovery is not easy, and addicts must consider factors like the severity of their addiction and their lifestyle. Approximately 30 percent of addicts will opt for an outpatient program since it allows them more freedom. These patients are provided with the opportunity to take care of other responsibilities in their lives while getting treatment for their addictions. Keep on reading to learn if outpatient treatment may be the right rehab option for you.

Outpatient Drug Treatment for San Jose Residents

Outpatient drug addiction treatment is an option that allows you to receive addiction treatment without living at a facility. This enables you to maintain a relatively normal life while taking steps towards battling your addiction. When enrolled in outpatient programs, you will visit the drug rehab facility for scheduled counseling sessions, medication if necessary and other appointments that are made in advance.  Drug testing is often involved due to the amount of freedom that you have to ensure your sobriety is still intact throughout the treatment.

Outpatient Rehab Benefits

This is one of the best options for treatment if you are unable to pack up and put your life completely on hold to live in a residential rehab facility. You will benefit from outpatient services if:

  • You have children at home
  • Have a full-time job
  • Have financial limitations that will not allow for inpatient care
  • Have a mild addiction that is not physical

Even if these situations describe your life, it is important to determine whether you will personally benefit from outpatient care.

Who Needs Outpatient Treatment

The above list will help you determine if outpatient programs are the best choice. In addition, you may benefit from this program style after you have completed an inpatient addiction treatment plan. Outpatient services are often used as aftercare. The reason for this is:

  • It will allow you to continue receiving counseling.
  • It will allow you to be involved in support groups.
  • You will continued to be monitored for drug use.
  • You will be taught how to re-enter society.

Find Outpatient Drug Treatment

If you’re an addict who knows you need help but just can’t leave your life behind, then outpatient rehab may be for you. This treatment structure warrants addicts the freedom to maintain their family life or career. To learn more about the outpatient programs available to you, call us at the number provided.

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