Finding Support for Alcoholism Recovery

Finding Support for Alcoholism RecoveryIf you have completed an alcohol recovery program, you know how important support is to remaining sober. Different kinds of support for recovering alcoholics in San Jose include the following:

  • Rehab center support. Many rehab centers with offer follow-up support or addition educational and motivational classes.
  • Family support. Ask your family members for help staying sober. You may find supportive individuals that are more than willing to lend an ear, a supporting hand or even resources such as a car or a temporary a place to live.
  • Peer support. A support group of other recovering alcohol addicts will help you maintain a positive attitude and remain clean.
  • Recovery refreshment. A refresher course may be a helpful way to remind yourself of the core principles needed for long-term recovery.
  • Support yourself. Take care of yourself by staying social, attending sober events in your free time and cultivating a group of positive friends.

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Do I Need Alcohol Rehab?

Do I Need Alcohol Rehab?It is not always easy to tell if recreational drinking in San Jose has transitioned into a dangerous alcohol addiction, but the following are signs that you may need help from a professional rehab program:

  • Developing a tolerance to alcohol (having to drink more to feel effects)
  • A decline in personal hygiene
  • Having a designated drinking time daily or multiple times a week
  • Disregarding obligations such as work or family
  • Forgetting what you have done or said while drinking

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Alcohol Addiction Helpline

Alcohol Addiction HelplineAlcohol addiction is a long-term disease that, if not treated, leads to deterioration physically, mentally and emotionally. Alcoholism is characterized by excessive and uncontrollable consumption of alcohol, physical and mental impairment, a need for alcohol and a continued use of alcohol even after negative consequences have occurred in San Jose.
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Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Substance abuse and addiction in San Jose is often the result or cause of mental health issues. Mental health issues can predispose an individual to addiction, and drugs or alcohol can change the brain and make certain mental health conditions more likely. Integrated treatment is required for lasting recovery from these co-occurring disorders.
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Alcohol Intervention

Alcohol InterventionDrinking alcohol is legal and socially acceptable for most San Jose residents. This leads to denial of alcohol abuse problems or alcoholism. Denial fuels addiction and causes increasing destruction in the alcohol user’s life. It is painful to watch someone you love destroy his or her life by abusing alcohol. If you are concerned about someone you love, there is no better time than now to plan an intervention and help your loved one get much-needed help. You can save your friend or family member’s life.
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Kinds of Addiction Treatment

Kinds of Addiction TreatmentThere are many treatment options available to San Jose residents struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol. These include pain management programs, holistic treatment programs and inpatient or outpatient rehab treatment. Pain management programs seek to find solutions for pain that do not involve narcotics. Holistic treatment programs explore a variety of seemingly unorthodox yet potentially effective treatment methods. Inpatient treatment allows patients to spend an extended period of time living in a rehab center, while outpatient treatment allows patients to plan rehab around their daily lives in San Jose.
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Addiction Support Groups

Addiction Support Groups Support from others is crucial to addiction recovery. Drugs alter the function of the brain, making drug or alcohol use an obsession that is difficult to overcome without help. A user will experience a mental desire to use the drug and physical cravings that can be hard to resist. Recovering users in San Jose need to be surrounded by a strong support system that will encourage sobriety.
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Outpatient Drug Treatment in San Jose

Outpatient Drug Treatment in San JoseChoosing the right treatment option for addiction recovery is not easy, and addicts must consider factors like the severity of their addiction and their lifestyle. Approximately 30 percent of addicts will opt for an outpatient program since it allows them more freedom. These patients are provided with the opportunity to take care of other responsibilities in their lives while getting treatment for their addictions. Keep on reading to learn if outpatient treatment may be the right rehab option for you.
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Inpatient Drug Treatment in San Jose

Inpatient Drug Treatment in San JoseWhen residents from San Jose are choosing an addiction treatment program, it is important to decide whether inpatient or outpatient care is appropriate. Outpatient care is a form of less intensive treatment that will allow you to maintain a somewhat normal lifestyle while receiving treatment for an addiction. It’s a suitable option for you if you are using substances that aren’t physically addictive, like ecstasy or marijuana, or have short-term, less severe addictions.
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The Importance of Aftercare

after care rehabAfter Drug and Alcohol Treatment

People who are living in San Jose with an addiction must realize that a stay in rehab will not mean their recovery journey is complete. Maintaining sobriety is one of the most challenging aspects of recovering from an addiction. More than 35 percent of people who have attended a treatment program will relapse after leaving rehab. While this is a great improvement from the average relapse rates that can be as high as 90 percent, it shows that the transition back into the real world can be very difficult for many recovering addicts.
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