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How Natural Disasters Can Trigger a Relapse

How Natural Disasters Can Trigger a RelapseNatural disasters can test anyone’s health, emotions and strength. The stress of a natural disaster can compel many people to return to drug use to cope with the loss of their personal items, family members and friends. However, learning how to avoid triggers can help any recovering addict prevent relapse and continue the path to long-term sobriety. In short, San Jose residents can stay clean if they have the right support. Continue Reading…

Sober Relationships after Addiction

Sober Relationships after AddictionAddiction may seem like a personal issue, a private struggle that only affects the user. However, its reach extends beyond the addict and changes every close relationship in his life. Likewise, recovery can impact relationships with San Jose friends, family members, significant others and even strangers.
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How Family Can Influence Drug or Alcohol Use

How Family Can Influence Drug or Alcohol UseDrug and alcohol use is affected by social factors in San Jose, and one of the most important social factors—perhaps not surprisingly—is the family environment. Several questions must be raised when considering how the home environment affects drug use, and how conversely, drug use affects the home environment.
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Do Genetics Impact Addiction Recovery?

Do Genetics Impact Addiction Recovery?A San Jose resident’s genes may make him more likely to become addicted to a particular drug than others who lack that gene. Some specific examples of this occurrence include the following:

  • Alcohol and cocaine addiction are more common in individuals possessing the A1 allele of receptor DRD2.
  • Those with less of the gene Mpdz are more likely to have severe withdrawals from the use of barbiturates.
  • The gene Cnr1 can give one a greater feeling of pleasure from morphine use.
  • A relatively small amount of CYP2A6 genes may make smoking more pleasant.
  • Having two copies of the ALDH*2 gene can decrease an individual’s likelihood of becoming an alcoholic.

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