What Do Recovery Professionals Do That I Can’t Do?

What Do Recovery Professionals Do That I Can't Do? From the moment that an addict in San Jose begins to seek treatment, there are a variety of recovery professionals who can help along the way.

Addiction Counselors and San Jose Residents

When you call our toll-free helpline, you can be connected to one of our addiction counselors. Counselors have a wealth of information and resources about a variety of topics, including the following:

  • Drug abuse
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Mental health issues
  • Interventions
  • Outpatient treatment resources
  • Inpatient treatment resources
  • Aftercare support services

In many cases, helpline counselors may also be in recovery and can provide addicts in San Jose with unique insights into the treatment process. Addiction counselors recognize that their job is not to judge you, but rather to give you the support and information that you need to decide on the best treatment plan for you.

How Professional Interventionists Can Help San Jose Residents

If you are struggling with the decision to seek treatment or if you are the parent, spouse or friend of an addict from San Jose, you may want to consider speaking to a professional interventionist. The goal of an intervention is to help an addict choose to enter a treatment program. However, the way to achieve that goal has many variations and requires planning. The successful implementation of the intervention plan can increase the chance of achieving the goal. A professional interventionist can provide a number of services, including the following:

  • Oversee the entire intervention process from planning through implementation
  • Provide information about different intervention strategies
  • Answer questions about different treatment options
  • Give you emotional support and strength during this process

San Jose Residents and Intake Admissions Counselors

Once an addict from San Jose agrees to go to treatment, the next person that he often encounters is an intake admissions counselor at a treatment program. Intake admissions counselors can help in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Conduct the initial assessment
  • Provide the addict with an introduction to the treatment facility and the program
  • Coordinate with all departments to facilitate a smooth transition
  • Establish a relationship with the benefits department to mange the financial arrangements, including identifying insurance benefits
  • Make safety and care recommendations
  • Communicate information about the patient to the nursing and support staff
  • Initiate documentation of the patient’s care

How Treatment Staff Can Help Addicts from San Jose

Once involved in a treatment program, recovering addicts from San Jose can have access to additional recovery professionals, including the following:

  • Physicians who can oversee the detox process
  • Detox nurses and support staff who can monitor you through the detox process
  • Individual addiction counselors
  • Group counselors
  • Nutrition and fitness staff
  • Residential program counselors

With such a significant number of professionals available to recovering addicts, you can be supported throughout your entire treatment process. After treatment, you can continue to benefit from a number of addiction professionals, including the following:

  • Aftercare specialists
  • Support group counselors
  • Sober living coordinators

Finding Help for Addicts from San Jose

Finding the right rehabilitation facility to meet your needs or the needs of someone you love can be an overwhelming experience. If you or a loved one in San Jose is struggling with addiction, please call our toll-free helpline now. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions about addiction and how recovery professionals can help. Please call now.

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