What Does a Professional Interventionist Do?

What Does a Professional Interventionist Do?Conducting an intervention is risky. The San Jose addict is not likely to appreciate your efforts at first. Addiction causes deep psychological changes that may render your loved one unable to process the seriousness of her substance abuse. Interventions attempt to force this awareness onto addicts through caring but firm communication from friends and loved ones. Professional interventionists facilitate these meetings and prepare the participants for every possible outcome.

Psychological Addiction and Interventions for San Jose Residents

The psychological aspect of addiction changes brain chemistry in fundamental ways. Symptoms of psychological addiction include the following:

  • Anger or emotional instability when confronted about the disease
  • Denial, justification or blame
  • Putting off getting clean until some future time
  • Loss of interest in people and activities that were once important
  • Isolation and loneliness
  • Engagement in uncharacteristically reckless behavior
  • Depression or suicidal thoughts or actions

When confronted, many addicts may respond violently, emotionally or passively. While it is certainly possible and desired that they would hear the love and concern of their San Jose friends, this is not always the case. Professional interventionists are prepared for every possible response and are specially trained to do everything to get through to the addict.

Elements of a Successful Intervention for San Jose Residents

A successful intervention requires the following key ingredients:

  • Clear, focused communication
  • Attendance by only the right people
  • Accurate and up-to-date information about addiction
  • Evidence of substance abuse
  • How addiction is affecting those closest to the San Jose addict
  • Expressions of unconditional support
  • Specific options for immediate treatment (including financial and transportation concerns)
  • The establishment and enforcement of healthy relational boundaries

It can be extremely difficult for loved ones to manage emotionally volatile meetings like this. Interventionists provide objective guidance along with vast amounts of experience that can help the addict and her loved ones.

San Jose Intervention Help

If you live in San Jose and are concerned about a friend or loved one’s substance abuse problem, please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline today. Our intervention specialists can answer any questions you may have and can connect you with the best possible resources for you and your loved one. Don’t take on a project like this alone. The call is free and confidential, so you have nothing to lose. We’re standing by right now, and we know how to give your intervention the greatest likelihood of success. Call today.

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