What to Expect in Drug Treatment

What to Expect in Drug TreatmentPerhaps you’ve struggled with addiction for a long time and have finally come to the end of your rope; or, maybe you’ve just recently fallen into addiction and want to get clean before things get worse. No matter what your circumstances are, getting help now is the best option. San Jose residents can get clean with the right help.

Knowing what to expect in recovery can help you succeed. Of course, the specifics of the recovery process will differ for each San Jose individual. People are different and their paths to recovery will be unique as well. But, there are several phases that are typical during recovery: you can prepare these steps to ensure that your path to recovery is as smooth as possible and that it ends in success.

It is important to remember that the actual process of rehab and recovery is much more fluid than an outline of steps can show. Still, the steps highlighted below can help you familiarize yourself with the process and prepare yourself for the road ahead. Many San Jose residents have overcome addiction, and you can too.

Addiction Detoxification for San Jose Residents

After the initial decision to reach out for help, the first phase of drug treatment is detox. Detox is the process by which a toxic substance is completely removed, or allowed to pass, from the body. Detox can hold some of the toughest days of recovery, as they are often accompanied by physical discomfort and emotional distress. These feelings and symptoms are called “withdrawal symptoms” and they can vary in severity depending on the drug and your addiction history.

The detox and withdrawal phase typically lasts anywhere from a few days to a week. But while these days can be uncomfortable, they are incredibly important. With the help of rehab professionals, the symptoms of withdrawal can be safely treated and overcome. Getting over the hump of detox and withdrawal will allow San Jose residents to move on toward recovery and healthy lives.

Addiction Therapy and Counseling for San Jose Residents

Therapy and counseling are important throughout the recovery process, and especially after your time in rehab is over. In one-on-one meetings with a counselor or in group meetings with a therapist and other recovering addicts, San Jose residents can discuss the issues and struggles that led to their addictions and gain strength to avoid relapse in the future. As you go on in your recovery, the members of these groups can keep you accountable through the tough times that are ahead. In these times, you may feel that returning to drugs would be easier. These people can give you the strength to stick it out.

San Jose Residents Can Find Quality Drug Treatment

If you live in San Jose and are struggling with drug addiction, call our 24 hour toll-free helpline to speak to a trained addiction counselor. We can tell you what to expect in drug treatment in your specific case and help you prepare for the lifelong process of recovery. Rehab and treatment can be intimidating, but don’t delay by trying to get prepared. Call now and get the information you need. We will walk with you the rest of the way.

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