Why Are There So Many Options for Addiction Recovery?

Why Are There So Many Options for Addiction Recovery?Addiction treatment programs provide many options so each San Jose drug addict can find the help she needs. There is no one cause of addiction, so there is no single, perfect treatment method. Because each individual has his own unique circumstances, drug addiction programs must meet changing needs. Although patterns of addiction and withdrawal share similar characteristics, each person struggles in individual ways. Having a variety of treatment options provides more hope to those struggling with addiction.

Residential Addiction Help for San Jose Residents

There are two basic types of addiction treatment programs, residential and outpatient. Residential programs treat people struggling with addiction in an inpatient facility, meaning the patient lives at the facility during treatment. These facilities provide 30, 60, 90 day or longer programs depending on a San Jose resident’s needs and insurance coverage. Programs include medically supervised detox, psychotherapy, counseling and treatment for any underlying mental illnesses.

Each San Jose resident that enters inpatient rehab is evaluated and placed in a unique program to meet her exact needs. Some inpatient programs include meditation, yoga, walking, hiking, nutritional programs, massage and acupuncture depending on the facility. Remember that the program you choose should meet your needs in order to be successful.

Outpatient Addiction Help for San Jose Residents

Outpatient recovery programs offer many San Jose residents the same hope as inpatient programs, but without patient can continue living at home. This can be beneficial for someone trying to hold down a job or for whom leaving home is not an option due to children or tending to an elderly family member. Outpatient recovery programs cost substantially less than inpatient programs because there is no room and board included in the price.

Outpatient treatment programs can also be the first step in deciding if you want to attend that facility for an inpatient basis. These treatment programs may be the right answer for your unique situation, depending on your age, current living situation and insurance coverage. In both inpatient and outpatient programs, San Jose drug addicts will need ongoing support after rehab to maintain recovery.

Find the Right Addiction Recovery Option for You

Because there are so many treatment options available for drug addiction, it’s important to get help choosing the best one for your unique situation. Our drug helpline counselors can help San Jose residents understand all the different choices and make the right decision for you and your loved ones. We are available 24 hours a day at a toll-free helpline, so let us help you; call now.

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