Will My Insurance Cover Rehab Costs?

Will My Insurance Cover Rehab Costs?The costs or the idea of the costs associated with addiction rehab can cause individuals to hesitate exploring treatment options. However, long-term substance abuse has the potential to affect your quality of life, physical and psychological health, financial security and ability to create and maintain important relationships. The question those in San Jose should ask is not, “Can I afford to seek rehabilitation?” but rather, “Can I afford not to?” If you live in the San Jose area and need addiction rehab, know about the resources at your disposal.

Your Health Insurance Policy and Addiction Rehabilitation Coverage

Many individuals do not realize that they may qualify for partial or complete coverage for drug rehab. Each health care plan will care for individuals in different ways, but many provide at least some assistance. If you live in the San Jose area and find that your insurance policy carries no provision for the purposes of drug rehab, or if you are currently uninsured, you can speak with your employer or your rehab facility of choice.

Your employer may carry provisions for addiction rehab for workers. Even if you do not receive benefits through your employer, there may be resources available for extended hospital stays, maternity and drug rehab. Many employers believe that you are most valuable to the company when you are performing at your full capacity and will provide the help needed for you to be your best. If your employer does not offer financial assistance, or if you do now want to talk to your employer about addiction struggles, you can still find help through rehab facilities. Most quality rehab facilities provide flexible payment options for San Jose patients who are either not insured or can’t afford to pay for the services in a lump sum. These options will vary depending upon the type of rehab you seek and the length of your stay.

Learn If Insurance Will Cover Your Rehabilitation Costs

If you live in the San Jose area and have additional questions regarding your insurance coverage or other forms of payment for drug rehab, feel free to call our toll-free helpline. We are available 24 hours a day to assist you, so there is no wrong time to call.

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