The Benefits of Detox

The Benefits of DetoxIf you live in San Jose and are struggling with a dependency to a drug that is physically addictive, detox is a great option to consider before entering a rehabilitation program. Drugs like cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy are some substances that are solely psychologically addictive and do not typically require detox.  Marijuana is the leading drug used by those admitted to rehab in the state of California, so there is a large percentage of users that can skip the detox component of recovery. However, the numbers are still substantial for physically addictive drugs, including alcohol which is responsible for 21 percent of publicly funded rehab admissions in the state.

If you are physically addicted to a drug, detox offers many benefits.

Detox Benefits for San Jose Residents

Physically addictive drugs will cause withdrawal symptoms when you go for a period of time without using the substance. These symptoms can be painful and even dangerous. In order to avoid the pain, you may give in and start using again to make them subside. Unfortunately, more than 25 percent of individuals who experience withdrawal symptoms will relapse. This cycle will continue over and over again if you do not enter detox. Throughout the process, you will be safely treated and made more comfortable with the use of medication or holistic techniques that allow you to get through drug withdrawal.  Additional benefits of detox include:

  • No drug or alcohol availability
  • Medical treatment during withdrawals
  • Continued support throughout treatment
  • Constant monitoring for drug use
  • You will learn how to resist temptation
  • Your physical addiction will be overcome

Following detox, there are further treatment options available that will help you completely recover from an addiction. You can choose from inpatient rehab or outpatient rehab to continue you recovery.

After Detox Options for San Jose Residents

Once detox is completed, you can then safely enter into an addiction treatment program drug-free. This will enable you to focus your full attention on learning how to live your life without drug dependency. Detox is only the first step of the process that addresses physical addiction, while followup care at an inpatient or outpatient treatment center will deal with the psychological components of drug dependency.

Help for San Jose Addicts

You don’t need to continue to go through the process alone. Call us and we’ll help you find a suitable detox center in California.

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