Getting Your Son or Daughter into Treatment

Getting Your Son or Daughter into TreatmentFinding out that their child has a drug problem and needs help can put parents in an extremely difficult situation. You may find yourself asking questions like, “How do I help her without making her hate me?” Some San Jose parents wonder if they should help when their child hasn’t asked for it. It’s important that you do your research so that you know your options and how best you can help you child with treatment.
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The Benefits of Detox

The Benefits of DetoxIf you live in San Jose and are struggling with a dependency to a drug that is physically addictive, detox is a great option to consider before entering a rehabilitation program. Drugs like cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy are some substances that are solely psychologically addictive and do not typically require detox.  Marijuana is the leading drug used by those admitted to rehab in the state of California, so there is a large percentage of users that can skip the detox component of recovery. However, the numbers are still substantial for physically addictive drugs, including alcohol which is responsible for 21 percent of publicly funded rehab admissions in the state.
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