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Hayward California rehabPrescription drug addiction is a problem that affects millions of individuals in the United States. It is believed that more than 60 percent of Americans over the age of 12 have used a prescription drug for non-medicinal purposes and this is true in Hayward, California. It’s been estimated that about 30 percent of Hayward drug addicts abuse prescription drugs. Prescription drug use may begin when it’s prescribed, and then can develop into addiction. If you’ve been abusing your medications, you must be aware of the risks and explore your treatment options.

Causes of Prescription Drug Addiction

Research has shown that people who have addictive personalities are at risk of developing a prescription drug dependency. Doctors choosing to prescribe commonly abused medications like Vicodin or OxyContin do try to ensure that their patients are at a lower risk but it’s not always possible to prevent the issue. If you’re a patient who requires one of these medications, you will be asked about your family history, your personal drug use and your alcohol intake.

Results of Prescription Drug Addiction in Hayward, California

In order to understand the complexity of your addiction and why addiction treatment help is so essential, it’s important to look at the “positive” effects that addicts get from their prescription drug use.  They include the following:

  • anxiety relief
  • experiencing mood swings, sometimes for the better (but they can be negative as well)
  • feelings of increased confidence, though they are synthetic due to the drug use

With the presence of the above prescription drug effects, addicts find that their cycle of addiction is enabled. However, there are also risks and more negative effects like sensitivity to sounds and light, changes in activity levels, greater energy reflected with fast talking or fidgeting, insomnia followed by long periods of rest (12 or more hours of sleep) and nausea. It’s these negative effects and the risks on your health that should convince you that help is required.

Prescription Drug Treatment for Hayward Residents

The type of care that you’ll require to overcome your prescription drug addiction depends upon the specific drug you’ve been using and the duration of your abuse. If you’ve been using a prescription opiate, for example, there are challenging withdrawal symptoms you’ll face when you stop using. Then you’re better off in a medical detox program that can help you get through the withdrawal process safely. Detox is important with most prescription drugs that are commonly abused since they are physically addictive.

Help for Hayward Residents Seeking Treatment

There are treatment options available to Hayward addicts. Call us at the number provided to learn more about rehab options and how to overcome an addiction to prescription medications.

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