Sober Relationships after Addiction

Sober Relationships after AddictionAddiction may seem like a personal issue, a private struggle that only affects the user. However, its reach extends beyond the addict and changes every close relationship in his life. Likewise, recovery can impact relationships with San Jose friends, family members, significant others and even strangers.

How Relationships Change through Recovery

Recovery is always positive, but personal connections can change in many ways when a factor as powerful as addiction falls out of the picture. Recovery can boost the health of San Jose families, couples and friends that suffered from addiction. But when the addict’s needs change, other relationships that supported addiction may now seem harmful. These are some examples of the effects of recovery:

  • On family – Addiction burdens those who want to help the addict, but cannot do so. Recovery can heal the rifts and take the responsibility from the shoulders of San Jose loved ones. Some damage does not end when the addiction does, but recovery is a step toward making things right and gives the addict an opportunity to focus on the relationships that need mending.
  • On friends – Drug use will cause some friends to distance themselves, but recovery may strengthen relationships with the friends who disapproved of drug use. On the other hand, it can also strain relationships forged during addiction. This means that San Jose drug addicts must choose either to distance themselves from friends who enable drug use, or to abandon these friends altogether.
  • On a romantic partner – An addict’s romantic partner must choose either to leave the relationship or stay involved. For co-dependent people who played the role of caretaker rather than romantic partner, recovery may actually threaten this person as the addict becomes more independent. However, in other San Jose relationships recovery can easily be restorative.
  • On new relationships – If recovering addicts centered their lives on drug abuse, making new friends may be difficult when they are sober. On the other hand, this also presents the opportunity to meet new people that addicts relate to in deeper ways. It will help San Jose residents begin relationships that addiction has not affected. Many addicts begin romantic relationships with other addicts because of the common ground, but addiction counselors and recovering addicts often advise against this to help keep the focus on treating psychological issues.

Addiction can devastate San Jose residents, so get help today repairing these issues to bolster recovery.

Help for San Jose Drug Addicts

If you live in San Jose and struggle with addiction, don’t damage your health or relationships any longer. Call our toll-free helpline right now, because our counselors are available 24 hours a day to connect you with treatment that will strengthen your life. Please call today and begin recovery now.

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