Staying Sober while on Vacation

Staying Sober while on VacationAddiction recovery is a gradual process of resisting cravings in favor of a healthier, happier and more hopeful life. While detox from drug or alcohol addiction is a critical step in the process, the secret to lasting sobriety is cultivating coping skills that will prevent relapse. Vacations often try and break those new coping skills. However, San Jose drug addicts can stay sober if they have the right help.

How Vacation Triggers Relapse

Psychological addiction is incredibly strong. Some people can be sober for ten years and then face a strong craving that causes them to relapse. One of the keys to establishing a sober life is cultivating healthy routines and rituals, but vacation takes San Jose residents out of these routines. While the novelty of a trip city can be quite enjoyable, on a psychological level it can create emotional instability that leads to relapse.

Another significant aspect of the recovery process is ongoing accountability. Recovery support meetings, counseling sessions and even coming home to family at night all reinforce sobriety. Knowing that someone who cares about you is watching or will check in on you is a strong deterrent to substance abuse. These close relationships are also critical when cravings strike. A stressful day at work, a relationship challenge, financial problems or even boredom can trigger thoughts of alcohol or drugs, but a quick call to a supportive friend can keep recovery on track. A vacation that removes San Jose drug addicts from their support and accountability present a risk for relapse.

How to Prevent Relapse

One of the best ways recovering addicts can prevent relapse is to prepare a detailed plan to respond to triggers. A few examples include the following steps:

  • Maintain regular phone contact with recovery support
  • Establish a vacation routine that plans for healthy eating and adequate rest
  • Ask your hotel to remove the alcohol from your room
  • Connect with local recovery support groups in your visiting area
  • Journal your feelings and remain mindful of your emotions
  • Avoid boredom and alone time
  • Keep our toll-free helpline with you at all times for emergency encouragement and information

Many vacation locations offer recovery meetings and access to counseling 24 hours a day. These services are often very subtle, but a simple inquiry with a concierge will often immediately connect you with a nearby recovery meeting.

San Jose Addiction Help

If you live in San Jose and want advice on how to prevent relapse during vacation, then please call our toll-free helpline immediately. We are available 24 hours a day and are ready to help. Vacations are great, but don’t risk a relapse. Call now for instant support.

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